Our values

Relationships of trust

As your business partner and language solution provider, we work to build relationships of trust with our clients. Our team of professionals helps you to achieve your localisation and globalisation objectives

Passionate about what we do

Our enthusiastic team will ensure that all your projects are a success!

Communication and teamwork

Communication and teamwork are essential in our business. We work to develop business relationships with our clients and their employees which are based on trust. Since we are people-oriented, our team is at the heart of everything we do.

A constantly developing team

We strive not only to meet our clients’ needs but to go one step further, beyond their expectations. Our team is constantly developing: we are always looking for new talent and we ensure that our existing team members maintain and update their skills and competences.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of our CSR efforts, TWIS gives back to society through its work with Translators without Borders, an NGO which provides free translation services for humanitarian purposes. We also donate to various good causes, including providing schools in Africa with educational supplies. University student groups work for us to finance educational projects, including trips to visit translation companies abroad and to practise their
language skills.