About us

About us

As a leading language service provider, TWIS is the global solution for your translation, proofreading and editing, machine translation and post-editing, linguistic and cultural consultancy, Search Engine Optimisation, software and website localisation and testing, copywriting and transcreation, transcription, desktop publishing and interpreting needs.

We specialise in providing a complete range of high-quality language-related services in all major European and Asian languages.

In the past few years, large translation companies have saturated the market, offering anonymised services and outsourcing work to smaller translation agencies which have the resources and skills to meet the markets needs.

When you work with TWIS, you can contact us directly to develop a close working relationship, removing the “middle man” and ensuring that you keep in close contact with your linguistic providers.


TWIS’ approach is to determine your audience, prioritising your target text and market while respecting the original.


We maintain a close relationship with our clients to offer comprehensive solutions which are customised to their needs. We listen, we learn and we ensure rigorous ISO 17100-compliant quality control for the best possible results.

Lower costs and consistency

With translation memories (client-specific translation databases), we can leverage your previous translations to ensure that your materials are perfectly consistent, while simultaneously reducing costs. A team, which you will choose and approve, is assigned to your projects for guaranteed consistency in terms of style and terminology.

Round-the-clock availability

With operations in every time zone, we deliver high-quality translation and document solutions 24 hours a day.